Human Capital  Management = Your Freedom

As business owners, we have all heard at least once that our employees are our most important asset. But to that end, how much time do you spend involved in managing staff and the variety of personnel issues that arise?

Learn how you can employ a solid Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy, that will protect your business from potential fines & lawsuits, but more importantly, will free up your time to work on why you really went into business… your personal vision!

This webinar covers:

  • Who can afford you more freedom in your business
  • How to manage both the Organizational (company processes, visions etc) and the HR (policies, hiring procedures etc). and align them to form a strong Human Capital Management plan
  • Resources and approaches to implementing this in your business

Whether you have 2 employees or 150, Rick Maher, CEO of Effective Human Resources, will outline the steps to take toward a more efficient organizational structure in your business.

40 minute duration