Is Technology Eating your Business?
How to Survive in an Automated World

The business headlines are dominated by startups, billion dollar valuations, and rock star CEOs. While this is generally great news for the economy, the speed at which some industries are advancing with the advent of new technology, can be alarming for existing businesses. For example, the revolutionary ride-share model introduced by Uber, has seen them take the worldwide taxi industry by storm in only 5 years. Learn how you can adapt your business to the new market realities and leverage them to your advantage.

This webinar covers:

  • What specific threats exist today?

  • What industries are next to be disrupted?

  • How to adapt your business to the changing marketplace.

  • How automation will affect all aspects of business in the coming years.

  • The existential threat to the current employer/employee relationship.

Presented by Joe Gleinser, Founder and President of GCS Technologies, a provider of a wide range of advanced IT solutions and consulting, based in Austin, Texas.

45 minute duration