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Finding Candidates in a Tight Labor Market - Successfully Working with a Staffing Search Firm

Wednesday, June 20th
9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern

As a business owner we all know that having the right people at the right time is critical to the success of our business. The phrase 'right people' has different meanings to different companies.  Finding the right people for your business will be a blend of talent, experience, and attitude.

Unemployment is the lowest it has been in decades. That's great news for those looking to make a move in their current employment. For companies, however,  recruitment searches that previously may have taken a couple of weeks, may now take months. Partnering with a staffing search firm is an effective way to manage your time and enable you to reach out to and connect with candidates.

When we partner with any outside service, the effectiveness of the service is a result of different factors.  What are those factors when working with a staffing agency? What do you need to garner from the agency, what do they need from you?

Join us and gain insights on:

  • Going deep with your company's information - the who, what, where, when and why of the candidate search.
  • Your expectations of the search firm.
  • The search firm's expectations of you.

**Note: if you cannot attend the live session on this date/time, you may still register to ensure you receive the recording link via email.                                                           

                                                              Presented by TAB Member
Valerie 2018 (2)Valerie Benson 
Business Partner, Star Personnel Inc. 

Star Personnel Inc has been providing recruitment services to companies since 2003. A hands-on approach and commitment to strategically sourcing and vetting the best candidates based on our client's criteria, has been at the forefront of each business relationship we undertake. The same approach and commitment is inherent in the business relationships developed with our candidates.  For a placement to be successful, Star Personnel Inc seeks to understand the search criteria of the client company as well as the employment criteria of the candidate.  

Prior to starting Star Personnel Inc, with her business partner, Anuradha Mehta, Valerie gained experience in the recruitment industry working for small boutique search firms.  Her previous career in hospitality management built in her a strong service approach to business that today is at the core of Star Personnel Inc.