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 5 Problems Everyone Has With Marketing Their Local Business in the Recommendation Economy & How To Easily Solve Them

Wednesday, May 16th
9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern

Almost everything about how we as consumers discover and engage with the businesses who provide the products and services we need - from where we get our information, to what factors influence our decisions - has all radically changed in just the last few years …and continues to evolve.

One of most fundamental shifts in consumer behavior happens to be riding on the wave of our constantly digitally connected, social media obsessed, mobile consumer culture: the phenomenon of Crowd Sourced Trust.

Understanding how this phenomenon is continuing to evolve, how it is completely transforming our entire consumer culture in the process and how the new rules for marketing and growing your business in our evolving “recommendation economy” truly has become one of the most critical skills you can invest in for your businesses success in 2018 and beyond.

President and Founder of Screaming Tree Media, John Clendenning, has been the forefront of this wave and is on a mission to help fellow business owners recognize, adapt and learn how to thrive in this unique environment. Learn the new rules for marketing and growing your business in the recommendation economy in our upcoming May BOSS Webinar.

This webinar is sure to provide many ah-ha moments that will help you better market your business.

  • Join us and you'll discover:What 91% of consumers now do BEFORE choosing the company they will do business with. 
  • The 4 most important ASSETS you must manage to tap into this new consumer behavior.
  • The ONE critical asset that, if not managed correctly, is like opening your bank account and handing your competitors your cash.
  • What many big brands are investing HUGE RESOURCES to promote; more-so than their name, their brand or even their products and services. 
  • How word of mouth used to be enough (and some die-hards still believe it is) but why today, a company’s success or failure is becoming “obvious” by their LACK of this.

**Note: if you cannot attend the live session on this date/time, you may still register to ensure you receive the recording link via email.


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John Clendenning
President & Founder, Screaming Tree Media

John Clendenning lives in Elmira, Ontario with his wife and two daughters. Having been gainfully self-employed since before he graduated high school, has started, built, bought and sold a number of successful local businesses over the past 20 years.

With an in-depth understanding of online marketing and reputation marketing. John is the founder of Screaming Tree Media, which specializes in consulting with companies to create online marketing strategies that build 5-star Reputations as well as help those companies leverage their reputation to convert more customers.