Perfecting the Flip: A Communications Workshop

Do you tend to follow a standard format for delivering information in meetings and presentations?Man_Woman_Communication-web

If you talk to people who check their watches during meetings or to people who say – with their words or body language – "cut to the chase" or "give me the bottom line," this webinar is for you.

If you lead or participate in meetings, if you make business presentations, or if you give talks to groups for any occasion, this webinar will help you communicate with your audiences in a more impactful way.

Perfecting the Flip will:

  • Raise your awareness around common communications practices.
  • Show you how to flip the chronology of what you ordinarily say or how you usually present.
  • Give you new communication tools to use in meetings and presentations.
  • Help you to be more concise and commanding, and therefore leave a better impression on your audiences.